Compliments and feedback from our patients is the greatest reward we could receive! Thank you for recognizing how much we care!! 

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“Going to the dentist in the past was somewhat unpleasant, but in recent years DR Leavitt and his assistants have spent a lot of time with me on several invasions into my mouth and I can honestly say everyone has been very pleasant, trustful and professional. I actually enjoy going to the dentist and that’s just not the way it’s supposed to be. Thanks for the smile you give when I visit and for the confident one I now have every day. God bless all of you and I thank you.”

- Barry 

“Outstanding service and excellent dental work. If something is not just right the doctor fixes it quickly.”

- Josh 

“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my new teeth! They look so good – I can’t get over it. Suffice to say, I am stopping in front of mirrors quite frequently to get a look! Thank You!”

- Kathleen 

“Dr. Leavitt and Team, You are all absolutely the best! Thanks for taking such good care of me!!!”

- Ryan 

“My husband and I were elated that our dentist and his wife performed such a selfless act volunteering your time and talents in Mexico. We’re proud to know you and glad you live in our community.”

- Susan and Steven 

“You ought to start teaching other dentists how to give these injections, I didn’t feel a thing!”

- Jack 

“If we ever have to move away, we’ll have a long trip back to the dentist.”

- Lynn 

“Dr Leavitt & Staff, Thank you all for being so kind.”

- Pat 

“They made my whole family feel comfortable even when we were nervous. It was a great visit.”

– I. Allen

“I would highly recommend Dr. Leavitt to all my family and friends. He is a great dentist. I have gone to him for years and he is always willing to assist me with all my dental needs.”

– Anonymous

“Having chose to replace three crowns in one visit, I was a little concerned with the process. It went extremely well, as the doctor and assistants made sure I was comfortable at all times.”


“The staff are very friendly and gentle. Thank you!”

– Anonymous

“We would like to thank Dr. Leavitt for consistently providing quality and affordable dental care for our family!”

– J. Arnold

“There are many dental facilities and staffs in Pocatello to choose from, I consider the Leavitt team to be at the top of the list.”

– C. Gilbert

“I would highly recommend Dr. Leavitt's office to my friends and family!”

– K. Gilbert

“The service is always exceptional. The care is in every regards highly professional. I have been to several dentists over many years, and never had such consistently pain-free dental care as with Dr. Leavitt and his team.”

– K. Higgins

“I am typically very apprehensive about the dentist because of bad experiences in the past. I was put at ease by the staff and by Dr. Leavitt. They have many options to help with anxious feelings and helping to make it the best environment possible. I feel comfortable with knowing that they are willing to help with my anxiousness and that they really care about me and my dental experience!”

– E. Holloway

“Thank you for making my visit a positive experience. My teeth look and feel great.”

– C. McHargue

“The quality of work in Dr. Leavitt's office is exceptional. I wouldn't ask for more. And the staff is very polite and welcoming.”

– C. Medel

“My tooth feels 150% better! The procedure was painless and you did an excellent job.”

- Sharron