Wisdom Teeth/Oral Surgery


Wisdom teeth are often referred to as the third molars. They are extra teeth that don't have any use and are often removed. When your wisdom teeth erupt, it can cause serious infections and pain. Additionally, your wisdom teeth can damage the rest of your teeth. Some damage they might cause includes: decay, loss of bone or gum problems. Other problems that could occur include cysts, infection or other serious jaw bone problems. 

“Just had a wisdom tooth pulled, and my visit could have not been better. Quick, painless, and affordable, friendly staff and great doctor.”

– Matt 

During an examination, Dr. Leavitt will check the wisdom teeth and evaluate the benefits of removing them. He will also consider the impact the procedure might have on long-term oral health. In most cases, your wisdom teeth can be comfortably removed here in our office with sedation. Dr. Leavitt is trained to safely perform this procedure in-office. He specialized in this procedure during an additional year of post-doctorate residency.

We can meet a majority other oral surgery needs for our patients, including tooth removal and bone grafts.

“We love you guys! My son is actually EXCITED to have his next tooth pulled. Thank you so much!”

– Howell Family