We know some patients might have had negative dental experiences in the past, but with Leavitt Dentistry, the leader in sedation dentistry Pocatello residents can trust, we want you to know that does not always have to be the case. Patients who have had poor experiences in the past are excited to learn that we offer sedation dentistry, which means our patients have the option to have their dental needs met while they sleep. 


Dr. Leavitt, a highly trained and certified IV conscious sedation dentist, offers services that allows our patients to rest comfortably while their dental work is completed. With this technology, we have provided comfortable dental services to hundreds of patients who have slept through their entire procedure. With IV sedation for complex dental procedures or oral surgery, we are able to streamline the processes and make procedures more comfortable for our patients. Procedures, including fillings and root canals can now be performed while the patient is asleep and unaware of the procedure. In addition, all sedation dentistry procedures are performed in our office. 

We are excited to offer affordable sedation dentistry in our office because it creates a more comfortable experience for our patients. Having the sedation procedures done in our office decreases the cost, decreases time spent in the office and decreases additional treatment needs. After visiting our office, previously concerned patients left feeling positive about their experience. 

We do not want anyone to live with mouth pain, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help our patients have a positive experience. One of our greatest satisfactions comes from providing comfortable care to patients who would otherwise avoid visiting a dentist.

If you concerned about your oral health but are worried about visiting the dentist, give us a call, and learn about how sedation dentistry can help you. 

If your situation requires it, Dr. Leavitt has the credentials to perform dentistry in hospitals or surgery centers. Dr. Leavitt strives to offer his services to everyone who needs his help, and he has cared for many patients with severe disabilities who are unable to have work done in an office setting. 

For patients who require a lighter level of sedation, we offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide. Whether you are having your teeth cleaned or having a root canal, light oral sedation, in combination with nitrous oxide, can  help you relax while your treatment is provided. 

When having any type of sedation appointment, you must have someone bring you safely to the office and take you home. Additionally, someone must remain with you to monitor your recovery after the treatment is complete. 

When combined with oxygen, nitrous oxide gas might be a helpful means for relaxation during dental treatment. The gas combination is inhaled, which causes the desired relaxation. This form of sedation is popular because there are no lingering effects from the sedation, which means you will be able to drive yourself home following your dental appointment. Many patients use this means of relaxation during their routine cleanings or periodontal care.

For more information about the forms of sedation we offer our patients, contact us today, and we will help you decide which method is best for you. If you know someone who would benefit from the services we offer, please let them know we are here to help.