Root Canal Therapy


Yes, we can save your tooth! 

Root canals can save your teeth that have been damaged by fractures, trauma or severe tooth decay. If a tooth has become infected or injured, the nerve and blood supply in the tooth will die and might lead to severe discomfort and infection. To eliminate discomfort and preserve a tooth that would otherwise be removed, the root canal therapy we offer can be comfortably performed in our office. The root canals performed in our office use modern anesthetic techniques, which can eliminate any discomfort patients might feel during the procedure.

The root canal procedure includes the removal of the diseased pulp and the reshaping of the infected tooth’s root canal. Upon completion, the formerly infected tooth is then sealed with a comfortable material to prevent future infection, and it is covered with a crown for strength. When properly restored, your tooth will function comfortably for years. 

“As usual Dr. Leavitt and staff made sure I was comfortable during a root canal. They all go above and beyond to take care of me. Dr. Leavitt even called the next day to see how I was doing.”

– MaryAnn