Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Leavitt and his team can control and prevent dental decay, pain, infection and tooth loss. With professional care and regular exams , we know we can keep your smile bright and healthy.


Tooth decay can be a significant challenge for children and adults. If left untreated, it can lead to more serious, painful and costly dental problems. In our office, we understand teeth, and we love to see our patients return for tips and treatments. We want all our patients to have clean and healthy teeth.

In our office, we place special emphasis on treating each patient as an individual. We know each mouth is different, and we want to protect your teeth and smile. We know a comprehensive approach leads to happier, healthier patients and brighter smiles. As we assess your needs, we can work together to create a personal plan for your ideal dental health.

We also provide night guards, fluoride treatments, patient education and regular gum disease checks.

Sealants, a clear or tooth-colored plastic coating applied to your teeth, can prevent decay on the biting and chewing surfaces. The sealant fills in the deep grooves and hard-to-reach spaces where decay often occurs. Sealants are a preventive procedure and no anesthesia or drilling is required. The positive effects of sealants can last for years.

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